Top 10 free Gantt Сhart for 2021

Gantt charts are beneficial tools when it comes to project management. They allow their users to visualize the duration of every task, the allocation of resources, and the workload of the whole team. Thus, the process of monitoring the team performance and the development of any project is facilitated greatly.

Among other useful features of any Gantt chart we can also mention:

  • deadlines of the activities
  • progress status
  • team cooperation

In the following overview, we have looked at the most popular and complete Gantt charts that can be found in the market today. Study the list and make a choice!


We will start from GanttPro. The design of the tool allows it to keep the position of one of the most widely used currently. It is convenient to use and it specializes in intuitive, fast performance. GanttPro helps you to create several workspaces and projects, and it is convenient to start adding tasks and setting them with the drag & drop option. The management options are also at hand to differentiate permissions to different team members within various projects. Extra chart options for those who prefer something new are also available. At the same time, mobile integration doesn’t seem to be sufficient.

GanttPRO features include:

  • workload tracking
  • management module
  • drag-n-drop
  • splitting tasks and subtasks
  • merging dependencies


Another quite popular solution that provides a flexible API and many event handlers. The opportunity to customize the tool for your needs is appealing. It shows the dependencies between tasks as lines and allows you to set up different relationships between tasks: finish-to-start, start-to-start, finish-to-finish, start-to-finish. The Pro edition of the chart offers a wide choice of advanced features, like merging working calendars, part-time resources assignments, and others.

DHTMLX Gantt features include:

  • filtering and zooming
  • baselines
  • exporting data
  • inline editing
  • splitting tasks
  • managing multiple tasks

Webix Gantt Chart

This one is a ready-made SPA from the Webix JS library. It is a solution with the Agile methodology behind it. The application is turnkey, which means the back-end and the front-end are already done and the solution can be integrated into any project. Types of elements include standard tasks, projects, and milestones. Various views are available, as well as allocating resources and visualizing them in a diagram.

Webix Gantt chart features include:

  • zooming
  • complex scales and marks on scales
  • resources diagram
  • holidays exclusion
  • critical path

Team Gantt

TeamGantt is one more nice tool for project scheduling. Project managers will appreciate such an easy and visible helper. The interface is clear and understandable, all the basics are at your disposal: tasks, timelines, and team assignments. It is possible to draw task groups and milestones on the timeline with drag and drop. Other captivating features are color coding and guest user access. The latest is very convenient, as people outside your company can view projects and comment on tasks, or just view them if you share a view-only project URL. Besides, you can print the Gantt chart as a PDF.

TeamGantt features include:

  • baselines
  • drag-n-drop
  • multiple project view
  • guest permission
  • progress percentage
  • export to PDF

Monday boasts a responsive and elegant UX and friendly usability. The design is easy to grasp and great for team members. Your team will be satisfied with collaboration tools, CRM tools, project management, task management, and other functions. One more advantage is the possibility of customization. You can set everything according to the needs of your business. Monday has quite a lot of features, but sometimes it may work as a drawback. Such a variety may confuse a developer in the attempts to figure out which options they need.

Monday features include:

  • CRM tools
  • collaboration tools
  • in-app automation
  • templates included

Microsoft Project Online

Microsoft Project Online is a template software. It includes numerous templates and familiar scheduling tools that facilitate the process of setting and controlling assignments. With the Gantt chart builder, you can select items for phase indicators, start and end dates, and risk status. Among the cons, limited collaboration may be mentioned, as a project file cannot be opened by several team members at the same time. Changing schedule dates does not always go as smoothly as it should, leading to some mess across the timeline. The tool in general caters to large-scale projects and might work worse for smaller workflows.

Microsoft Project features include:

  • ‍lists and attachments
  • schedule development
  • progress tracking
  • budget analysis
  • templates
  • advanced reporting

Click Up

Click Up is another solution that has the functionality to create schedules, manage dependencies, and prioritize tasks on the project timeline. The tool claims to have various compatibility options. Besides, it offers 24/7 support and quite a lot of possibilities to train. Training is helpful especially if you need to teach your staff fast and efficiently. Several additional features like portfolio management, resource management, and cost-to-completion tracking are also available. A great variety of features may interest experienced developers at the same time being troublesome for more junior staff.

Click Up features include:

  • multiple assignees
  • advanced sorting
  • task dependencies
  • progress percentage
  • automatic calculations
  • milestones

Tom’s planner

We don’t know who Tom is, but he has done his best to create a simple Gantt chart for everyone to use. The pros of Tom’s planner are similar to the others: drag and drop functionality with task dependencies. What makes this solution a little different is easy filtering and custom color coding, so the timelines do look the way you want them to. Unfortunately, the interface is a little outdated. With a license, the customers enjoy the scheduling feature, which shows updates, responsible members, and the history of the tasks to monitor any changes.

Tom’s planner features include:

  • free templates
  • filters
  • importing projects from MS Project, Excel, Trello, and Basecamp

Toggl plan

This is a web-based project app, which has some nice visual planning tools. The features of the Gantt chart and timeline work as a project planner: you are shown where the tasks occur on the timeline and how they overlap. A nice option is that there is a public link for online Gantt charts, so you can share it with others even if they don’t have a Toggl account.

Toggl plan features include:

  • interactive design
  • drag-n-drop
  • timeline view
  • collaboration tools


Wrike is good for its elaborate design. It looks like a table view, with assignees, task names, start and end dates. This, it is easy to see everything and to understand how the processes are organized. You can visualize the responsibilities and performance. Besides, it allows for easy communication between team members. The opportunities for customization are high. Customer support is responsive and ready to help you with opting for the right plan.

Wrike features include:

  • critical path
  • folder hierarchy
  • collaborative team editing

To sum up

We have made up a list of the most current and widely used Gantt charts. All the solutions offer numerous helpful features. Some of them include advanced features with professional licensing. It depends on the requirements of every particular project which option to choose and whether to use it as a turnkey tool or adjust it to the own product.

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