Top 10 JavaScript UI Frameworks & Libraries for 2021–2022


  • it is cross-platform, it includes progressive web apps, native mobile apps, and desktop
  • it assures speed and performance
  • it has filters, two-way data binding, directives, and more
  • it has full support from Google and therefore a strong community of developers behind


  • complex widgets, or SPA applications for solving application problems
  • extra tools for developers, like Code Snippet, Skin Builder, Form Builder, and UI Designer
  • high-performance
  • short learning curve
  • templates library


  • small API, which guarantees a short learning curve
  • stable and reusable components, that are a breeze to create and maintain using the API’s declarative syntax
  • strong community support
  • the library can render on the server using Node.js, and on mobile apps with React Native


  • developer-friendliness. If you know the languages of the web (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), the Vue docs are all you need to start building right away.
  • progressive integration. It easily scales from a library to a full-fledged framework.
  • small size and super-fast virtual DOM.
  • helpful community, which makes it a stable framework.
  • great documentation.


  • fast and smooth development. The integration between an enterprise framework and components and tools is seamless.
  • comprehensive set of secure components.
  • great design capabilities due to included integrated tools.
  • awesome unit and end-to-end testing tools with Sencha Test.
  • a layout manager. The display of data and content across different browsers and screen sizes is easily configured.
  • easy to achieve accessibility compliance with the Ext JS ARIA package.
  • a robust data package that decouples the UI components from the data layer.


  • mobile widgets, that support AngularJS, AngluarJS 2, Aurelia, ReactJS
  • the code can be written in HTML+JS, TypeScript, PHP, ASP.NET, ASP Web Forms
  • mobile devices are integrated with Ionic and Xamarin framework
  • DashBoard package with a Whisywig report editor allows you to construct tables and graphs and link them to real data
  • short learning curve


  • a set of helper functions that assist you in writing cross-browser JS code
  • various templating systems
  • command-line tool to simplify the development process
  • Marionette, Thorax, and Chaplin libraries that help you to create applications with specific architectural solutions


  • Its speed. Solid outpaces Inferno, LitHTML, Svelte, Vue 3.0, React, Angular. Solid is now the fastest on the server as well. Using the Isomorphic UI Benchmark it has pulled out in front of the competition.
  • Its size. When it comes to larger actual applications Solid has almost no overhead on components. Besides, it scales well.
  • Its fullness. The library has enough components to satisfy the needs of any project.
  • Its simplicity. Solid follows the same philosophy as React with unidirectional data flow, read/write segregation, and immutable interfaces. It just has a completely different implementation that forgoes using a Virtual DOM.


  • Beginner-friendliness. When using it, there is no need to manipulate the DOM. You also don’t need to understand the framework-specific state wrappers.
  • Backward compatibility. There is no problem integrating a widget built with a different framework to any application.
  • Code separation. It is efficient because the framework is built into a very small component.
  • Open-source community. Using the framework is free and a community of developers is always ready to assist.


  • supports all common browsers on both regular computers, mobile devices, and tablets
  • consists of a server API, a client API, a set of user interface components on both sides
  • provides a theme engine for the interface design, and a data model that allows you to link server components directly to data




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