5 Best JavaScript calendar Libraries

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5 Best JavaScript calendar Libraries

JavaScript is currently one of the most popular programming languages. It is used by almost 70% of the developers according to the Stack Overflow Developer Survey of 2020. A wide choice of JS libraries and frameworks add to that popularity. An obvious advantage of using libraries is great resource-saving. Using ready-made components and combining them saves working time and money. Besides, the learning curve is usually quite short, so even junior developers can quickly figure out how to deal with the widgets and components of the library.

In the overview, we will focus on the JS calendar libraries, as a calendar is a general requirement of many projects. We have chosen the calendars according to the following criteria:

  • Documentation — it is always easier to work with a component with detailed and full documentation.
  • Compatibility — a solution created should fit any browser or device.
  • Customization — if the requirements change, the solution should be fully responsible.
  • User Experience — the calendar should be easy and pleasant to deal with.

Webix Javascript Scheduler

Webix JavaScript Scheduler

It is one of the complex widgets of the Webix JavaScript library. The widgets are ready-made SPA applications that can easily be integrated into any environment.

Scheduler features include:

  • fullscreen and compact modes
  • creating and editing events
  • agenda view mode
  • a day/ week/ month view mode

The widget can be used as a planning tool built into any web application, as an application for project management systems to help plan and set tasks, and also in search and booking systems for hotels, guest houses, apartments, and so on.


It generates real React virtual DOM nodes. The calendar does not offer much information on the learning process, so it is aimed at those who know what they want. There is only a short guide to get started and a documentation page. The solution is rather lightweight.

The features include:

  • customizing a toolbar, theme, and sizing
  • timeline, vertical resource, and custom view modes
  • date and time navigation, indication, and selecting
  • event model, event sources, and event display

The library includes the documentation for developing in React, Vue, and Angular. The website, demos, and documentation accompany the process of using the library.

Tui Calendar

A JavaScript calendar that claims to have everything you need. It is part of a TUI library. The product is open source, so it can be downloaded directly or through the package manager.

The features of the Calendar are:

  • daily, weekly, monthly view types
  • milestone and tasks management
  • customizing the date and schedule information UI
  • dragging and resizing schedules

The product can be used with React, Angular, and Vue wrappers. Full documentation is provided.

React Big Calendar

This is another convenient solution for any project requirements. It is built for React and made for modern browsers. It uses flexbox approach.

The features are the following:

  • creating events
  • customizing time grids
  • week and month view modes
  • drag-n-drop

React big calendar provides two options for dealing with the date formatting and culture localization, depending on your preference of DateTime libraries. You can use either the Moment.js or Globalize.js localizers.

Angular Calendar

It is a flexible calendar component for Angular 6.0+ that can show events on a month, week, or day view. The solution is highly customizable, so you can develop a unique component to fit the requirements of a particular project.

The features of the Calendar include:

  • editing, dragging and resizing events
  • disabling tooltips
  • grouping events
  • adding properties to the events
  • and many more

However, the library is not optimized for mobile devices.


The choice is wide. On the one hand, it is good, as the developers are not limited. On the other hand, it is easy to get confused. The best idea would probably be to study the customer requirements carefully and to start trying various options.



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