File managers, also known as file browsers make finding files and working with them easier. With the help of file managing applications, users copy, delete, move, edit files and folders.

The best-known file manager is Windows File Explorer. It has all the simplest features of similar solutions, but it is…

Once in 1959 Toyota company started experimenting with the Kanban system, based on the principle of “just-in-time” production. That was the beginning of a nowadays commonly used tool in project management. In Japanese Kanban means signboard or billboard. That was the board workers put cards on. On those cards, they…

Webix JavaScript UI library continues its sustainable development despite Corona, closed borders, and home office hours. The Webix team is closely cooperating with its customers, who can provide valuable feedback and inspire the developers either to improve existing products or to come up with something new. Let’s revise the most…

Gantt charts are beneficial tools when it comes to project management. They allow their users to visualize the duration of every task, the allocation of resources, and the workload of the whole team. Thus, the process of monitoring the team performance and the development of any project is facilitated greatly.


#JavaScript UI library for #cross-platform #web app development with 100+ #UI widgets and fully-featured #CSS / #HTML5 JavaScript controls.

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