Webix UI Library presented its Diagram Library widget not so long ago. It has become a convenient solution for building diagrams of any type and customizing links between the blocks. However, the developers from Webix do not stand still and they are ready with a Diagram Editor to make the process of creating diagrams even more fascinating.

Diagram Editor is a special interface for arranging blocks and links of diagrams. It allows users to conveniently change the shapes of blocks and links, move and delete them, set the space between blocks, view and apply the chosen parameters.

The Editor includes:

Webix JavaScript UI library continues its sustainable development despite Corona, closed borders, and home office hours. The Webix team is closely cooperating with its customers, who can provide valuable feedback and inspire the developers either to improve existing products or to come up with something new. Let’s revise the most remarkable features changed or acquired from Webix 8.0 to Webix 8.4.

Webix 8.0

It was released last autumn. The main events appeared to be the complex widgets Scheduler and Gantt. The former one received desktop and compact modes and a completely new API and structure. The latter one is a…

Webix JavaScript Diagram widget Review

A forced lockdown has become a daily routine for many. We seem to never work in the office. The Webix team has quickly got used to the new reality and continues working productively in any circumstances.

We’ll tell you about a new complex widget from the Webix UI library. Webix JavaScript Diagram allows you to create any diagrams, as well as place tree data and data with cyclic dependencies. Like all Webix widgets, Diagram is easily customizable and set to meet the requirements of the project.

What are complex Webix widgets?

Let’s remember what the features of complex widgets are…

Webix Gantt and Resource Management

JavaScript Gantt is one of the most advanced widgets in the Webix UI library. It is designed in the spirit of the best practice of project management and planning. The capabilities of the complex widget are significantly expanded with each new release. How could it be otherwise if the development vector of this tool is set by the users themselves?

In this article, I want to talk about such a long-awaited Gantt feature as Resource Management. Starting from version 8.2, Gantt is able to work with resources. You can assign resources to the tasks and unassign them, specify the number…

In the previous article “Webix Jet framework through the eyes of a freshman. Part 1. Composition and Navigation” we learned in detail how to create the interface of our application using the Webix UI components. We also split the logic and visual representation between the view modules and data models inside the Jet framework architecture.

In this article we keep on learning the Jet framework and Webix library. Our goal for today is:

  • add a bit of interactivity to the application
  • define the data models with optimistic and pessimistic approaches for loading and saving data.

You can find the full…

Gantt charts are beneficial tools when it comes to project management. They allow their users to visualize the duration of every task, the allocation of resources, and the workload of the whole team. Thus, the process of monitoring the team performance and the development of any project is facilitated greatly.

Among other useful features of any Gantt chart we can also mention:

  • deadlines of the activities
  • progress status
  • team cooperation

In the following overview, we have looked at the most popular and complete Gantt charts that can be found in the market today. Study the list and make a choice!

This article would be interesting for those who appreciate their time and don’t want to spend eternity on a meticulous study of native web development technologies. No doubt it’s useful to know and understand how they work, but in the modern world, the technologies are developed so rapidly that keeping up with all the subtleties isn’t an easy task. If you don’t want to waste your youth on reading yawny documentations that will change tomorrow, you can use ready-made solutions.

One of the best solutions is offered by the Webix team. …

Webix Jet framework

In the previous articles from the series Webix JavaScript library through the eyes of a freshman”, you learned how to create an application based on Webix UI components. In this article, I want to take a closer look at creating a similar application using the architecture and capabilities of the Webix Jet framework, as well as the advantages it gives. The article will be useful for those who are familiar with Webix UI and for beginners because the library code is intuitive and easy to use.

Overview of Webix Jet

Webix is a library of UI components. You don’t need to use additional tools…

5 Best JavaScript calendar Libraries

JavaScript is currently one of the most popular programming languages. It is used by almost 70% of the developers according to the Stack Overflow Developer Survey of 2020. A wide choice of JS libraries and frameworks add to that popularity. An obvious advantage of using libraries is great resource-saving. Using ready-made components and combining them saves working time and money. Besides, the learning curve is usually quite short, so even junior developers can quickly figure out how to deal with the widgets and components of the library.

In the overview, we will focus on the JS calendar libraries, as a…

Webix JavaScript Query is a modern tool for filtering big datasets. The laconic design with a user-friendly interface helps you to manage your data tables at lightning speed. This solution is successfully applied in the proprietary Webix projects.

Features Overview


The widget is intended to filter the information using a set of particular conditions. Depending on the data type being filtered, the conditions may be different. In this way, you can easily and quickly create, edit, group and delete filters according to your demands.

There is a “simple mode” of filtering as well. In this case, you may only create and delete…


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