From Enterprise to Logistics: 5 Versatile Custom Apps Built with Webix

Webix JavaScript UI library
4 min readMay 24, 2024


A business is always interested in improving its processes and products to take precedence over the competitors. That is why companies are looking for the best solutions, and turning to our UI library is a wise choice.

Let’s look at the applications that can be built faster and easier if Webix is used in the development process.

Project Management App with Gantt Charts

Charts are incredibly useful for visualizing large datasets in a compact and easy-to-understand way. The Gantt Chart component offers a wide range of chart types, allowing you to create custom data visualization apps of varying complexity. You can easily adjust settings to match your specific needs, switching between different types of visualization based on the data you’re working with. Options include pie charts, line charts, bar charts, area charts, radar charts, and many more. Additionally, you can integrate the Scheduler into an app, enabling seamless event planning, meeting scheduling, and automated booking.

By incorporating these features into your project management software, you can create a more user-friendly and intuitive experience, ultimately helping your team improve their workflow.

HR Information System

HR management solutions are essential for businesses across various industries. Every company needs to hire new employees, and a centralized system for managing employee information is crucial. Webix’s User Manager widget can be implemented to provide this functionality. With User Manager, you can easily manage user lists and administer access permissions.

To enhance control over documents uploaded and downloaded by users, consider using the Document Manager. This widget provides a document tree structure, allowing for organized file management and efficient document searching. For visualizing tree-like data, the Diagram Library can also be utilized.

Multi-Modal TMS

Logistics and supply chain companies rely on comprehensive systems to effectively connect drivers, vehicles, and customers. These systems should provide clear routes, detailed tracking information, and up-to-date order statuses. Webix’s User Manager can help you manage users and set access restrictions based on their roles and responsibilities. Our library’s diverse UI components allow you to create intuitive dashboards and integrate geographical maps from trusted providers.

Consider adding Chat / Messenger widget to facilitate communication between employees and customers. This enables real-time interaction, ensuring everyone has access to the information they need and can resolve issues quickly.

Project Management App with Reporting Module

Creating and sharing reports is a crucial part of any business, helping everyone understand how processes can be improved and showcasing achievements. If your company needs a reporting module for its ERP software, Webix’s Report Manager can be a valuable solution. It allows you to easily create, store, and share large data reports with your team.

To streamline report management, consider incorporating the File Manager widget. This tool provides a centralized location for storing reports, making it easy to find specific documents and manage them efficiently.

Car Service Scheduling and Warehouse Management System

If your company provides car services focused on warehouse management, automating daily tasks can significantly improve efficiency. A comprehensive dashboard and user management system are essential for managing operations effectively. Consider integrating Webix’s Scheduler widget to gain a clear overview of service schedules.

For organizing tasks based on dates, projects, or hashtags, the To Do List widget can be a valuable addition. This tool helps keep track of tasks and ensures nothing falls through the cracks.


Webix is a versatile UI library that can be used to develop custom applications for a wide range of purposes. Whether you’re building a simple mobile app or a complex ERP system, Webix can significantly streamline the development process.

Webix’s declarative JSON style simplifies UI design, eliminating the need to write extensive HTML and CSS code. The library handles component alignment automatically, ensuring your app maintains its layout even when users resize the window or switch to full-screen mode. Many components offer built-in features like filtering and sorting, saving you development time. You can construct your custom application’s user interface “brick by brick,” adding, removing, and configuring components until you achieve the desired result.



Webix JavaScript UI library

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