How to Start Working with Webix JavaScript Library: A Comprehensive Guide

Webix JavaScript UI library
3 min readApr 3, 2024


Webix is a powerful JavaScript library that enables developers to create rich and interactive user interfaces for web applications. If you’re new to Webix and want to get started, this guide will provide you with a step-by-step approach to familiarize yourself with the library and its resources.

Download Webix Trial Version

To begin your journey with Webix, you’ll need to download the library. Visit the download page on the Webix website and fill out the form. After submitting the form, check your email for the download link. In case you can’t find the email, remember to check your spam folder. If you encounter any issues during the download process, you can reach out to Webix’s technical support via Facebook chat.

📌Refer to the Webix documentation to learn how to install the library. The documentation provides detailed instructions on the installation process, ensuring a smooth setup.

Explore the Library

Upon downloading the trial version of Webix, you’ll gain access to the Webix Pro library, which includes the Webix library itself, 15 complex widgets, and an extensive library of code templates. Take some time to understand the capabilities and features of the library, as this will be the foundation of your Webix development.

Start your first project

To kickstart your first project, dive into the Quick Start Guide section of the Webix documentation. This guide will walk you through the essential steps and concepts required to begin building applications with Webix. It serves as an excellent starting point for developers new to the library.

Who can help with technical issues?

  • Ask any question in the appropriate section of the documentation.
  • Use Webix forum.
  • Send your request to the Webix technical support. The email is the one you received the link to download the library from.

Study Webix opportunities

Webix offers a range of demo applications that showcase the library’s capabilities. These demos provide practical examples of how to implement various features and functionalities in your own projects. Explore these demos and consider using them as a starting point for your own applications.

Webix also boasts a wide range of widgets that you can utilize to create feature-rich interfaces. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the available widgets, their functionalities, and customization options.

Become Webix Professional

As you become more proficient with Webix, consider exploring advanced tools such as Webix Jet, a microframework for developing single-page applications. Additionally, leverage the templates library and code samples to expedite development and enhance your productivity. Webix also offers a UI Designer tool that allows you to create interfaces without writing code, making it easier to collaborate with designers and clients.

Other professional Webix instruments:

Design schemes editor — allows customizing design of any element in the interface of your application.

Code editor — a convenient tool for the development, debugging and testing of the applications created on Webix.

Contact forms generator — form editor that helps to create forms of any complexity and functionality.

Study Webix even faster!

Extensive Documentation
Webix offers comprehensive documentation that covers every aspect of the library. The documentation provides in-depth explanations of various widgets, configurations, properties, and methods. Take advantage of this resource to gain a deeper understanding of Webix and its functionalities.

Training Materials
Webix provides various training materials to accelerate your learning process. Interactive lessons, video tutorials, and educational articles in the blog are available to help you grasp the concepts and best practices of using Webix.

What to do when the trial period is over?

  • Contact technical support to extend the trial period.
  • Apply for the startup support program.
  • Purchase Webix commercial license.
  • Switch your project to the free version Webix standard.


Working with the Webix JavaScript library opens up a world of possibilities in creating dynamic and user-friendly web applications. Remember to leverage the extensive documentation, training materials, and community support to enhance your learning experience. Happy coding with Webix!



Webix JavaScript UI library

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