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4 min readJan 5, 2024

Managing a beauty or any other salon can be very time-consuming. Webix can make your life easier by developing feature-rich salon booking software that will increase your efficiency.

When you have to deal with big data and monitor the network of different salons, a complex Webix Gantt widget can help. It is designed for those who want to have an easier view and manage all salon locations in one place. You can track appointments, schedule staff, and monitor inventory levels with just a few clicks.

By using a complex Webix Gantt widget, you can create a tool that makes the visualization of operational activities and business processes more user-friendly. To show how Webix Gantt works, we have a real-life case to share with you. Our customer requested our software development company to build a user-friendly online booking system for the chain of salons.

Webix Gantt widget helped with the following:

Pace workplaces and advertisement stations from different companies on a timeline area. Physically, each of workplace and station depends on particular placement and period of renting (dates scale).

Decompose the data for better visualization. We had several beauty centers and the amount of data increased several times. So, firstly, data had nesting — a list of beauty salons with a list of workplaces and advertising boards inside. Secondly, as in reality it can be a large amount of data, it is better to load it in parts, and not in one piece. We understood that performance is a crucial moment for us and started to work with it.

Perform big data immediately, without time gaps. Initially, it loads a list of beauty centers. It does not immediately display information about the workplaces or advertisements boards on screens, but it can show the occupancy of the salon. We open a branch and load a list of screens related to this beauty center.

Visualize the totals and the details on the same screen. There is no need to open each branch to see if there are any empty dates in renting workplaces or advertisement boards. The branch shows it by colored areas on the bar: from 100% occupancy of all stations during the day, week, or month that is deep colored to less than 100% occupancy that is colored lighter.

Specify the data during global data visualization. Additional filters help to display data on one specific screen, on the type of screen in different beauty shops, if there is such a type, on a specific company.

Where else Webix Gantt widget can be useful?

Intuitive Dashboards

All the relevant information about the appointments, workplaces, and staff is available to users, and it is easy to just drag the blocks in the schedule.

Calendar Synchronization

All the dates and working hours are synchronized, allowing users to check the latest changes in appointments.

Online Appointment Scheduling

The data is updated regularly, letting users deal with appointments online without the need to check with the staff via emails or calls.

Staff Management

The widget makes it possible to manage multiple workplaces and employees from different salons at once with several clicks only.


To keep up with the modern needs, it is essential to come up with modern solutions. Therefore, if your appointment software is not as new and shiny as it was before, customers aren’t really satisfied with using it, and your business processes become slower, maybe it’s time to turn the page and start anew. If you want to learn more about Webix Gantt widget and the benefits it can provide, please check its user guide.



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