Report Manager review

Report Manager rewiew

Autumn 2020 has become a fruitful time for Webix specialists.

The Webix team has released the eighth version of the Webix user interface library with two new complex widgets. The first one is Scheduler, which we discussed in detail earlier. The second widget is Gantt chart in JavaScript. You can find detailed information about it in the article.

November is following the trend, so we are in a hurry to share a new complex Report Manager widget with you. Let us look at it closer.

Webix Report Manager Review

This new complex Report Manager widget allows you to create and store reports with a large amount of data. This elaborate solution is ready to be integrated into any system. As with all Webix widgets, it has simple design setup and functionality customization.

What are complex Webix widgets?

Unlike regular JavaScript UI widgets, complex widgets are full-fledged SPA applications that do not require additional configuration and customization. They are immediately ready for integration into your business application, which allows you to save more working hours for programmers. This is a visual embodiment of the concept of the low-code platform, which is Webix. Complex Webix widgets are immediately ready to work because they contain a functional front-end layer and, if necessary, are supplied with various options for the back-end layer. The flexible Webix architecture makes it easy to customize these applications, extend their functionality, and integrate them into existing solutions.

What is Report Manager widget?

Report Manager widget

Report Manager is a JavaScript widget which allows you to build and store big data reports. The widget saves time and money on web development and allows you to cut costs on business application support. Webix Report Manager offers a classic design for this type of application.

On the right, you can see a list of reports, with the ability to filter them by upload date or alphabet. On the left, you can display information about the report itself, created based on DataTable. You can also conveniently export reports in Excel or CSV format and configure detailed report settings.

Reports can be presented in the form of tables, graphs, heat maps. They can be copied, deleted, and edited.

Tabular display of the report

Tabular display of a report is a classic way of setting text and numeric data.

Tabular display of the report

Displaying the report as a graph

Displaying the report as a graph

In the graph, you can set its appearance from the options below, which are integrated with the Javascript Charts widget.

Chart type

Specify the settings: render the legend name, line and point colors using the integrated Color Selector widget.

Specify the settings

Displaying the report as a heat map

Displaying a report in the form of a heat map, based on the TreeMap widget, you can configure the value of fields by 3 parameters: Values column, Labels column, Color column.

Heat map view

Report Manager has an end-to-end search, which allows you to find any element in a row with the display of the number of matches found.

End-to-end search

Report Manager has a detailed report configuration with the ability to edit report settings:

  • create, configure and organize reports of any complexity
  • select from various data sources and combine them
Report configuration

create, fine-tune, and save filtering queries for reports

group and sort report data by different fields

Report Builder provides a view mode for all or one report.

Use read-only mode, which does not allow you to edit data. It is convenient for showing a report to the customer.

Single-view mode is to view the finished report.

Webix Report Builder: system specifications

Back-end layer:

Webix Report Manager is shipped with Golang backend, but if necessary, you can write in any other language.


Documentation, API Reference, Programming samples catalog.


Webix has once again created a functional product that can complement your business application. You will easily be able to build Report Manager into your system and, if necessary, customize it and integrate it with your back-end and front-end environment.

If you like this widget, you can download the 30-day free version of Webix on this page.

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