Review of the Webix JavaScript User Manager

Webix JavaScript User Manager

In this article, we will take a detailed look at the features of the new complex widget from Webix, which is JavaScript User Manager. The Webix team has been developing and maintaining the Webix UI control library for many years. This library includes both simple and complex widgets. Simple ones include more than 100 popular widgets, such as DataGrid, TreeGrid, Buttons, Selectors, etc. And there are also complex widgets, which are SPA applications for solving various application problems. For user management tasks Webix offers a ready-made tool.

Technically, User Manager cannot be called a widget. This is a full-fledged reactive web app with its backend. In fact, it is part of the admin panel for any multi-user web system.

User Manager target audience

  1. This solution will be interesting for those who develop complex multi-user web applications.
  2. Also, this product may be of interest to those who are looking for a ready-made admin panel. User manager is the one with the possibility of deep customization and integration with other Webix applications.
  3. If you are developing a startup, or you are at an early stage of prototyping, then Webix User Manager is the right choice, because it will save you a lot of working hours, and besides you will get it for free, thanks to the startup support program.
  4. If you are already using Webix, the new widget will be especially useful for you, because it will allow you to develop the project in a single Webix eco-system.

User Manager spec


The widget is built as a Webix Jet app, which means:

  • customizable Jet views to fine-tune interface chunks
  • data and backend services to provide custom logic for working with data
  • ES6 syntax


  • WebSockets technology for live updates
  • token-based authentication
  • ready-made Golang backend


user-friendly design

highly customizable

built-in audit and matrix views

compact mode

Features Overview

Webix User Manager
Webix User Manager
Webix JavaScript User Manager

Webix User Manager is a classic admin panel. There are three components available in the navigation bar:

· Users — managing the list of users.

· Roles — creating roles, managing access rights, and assigning roles to users.

· Rules — managing access rights.

The Webix team has worked out the UI logic in detail and created a very flexible, professional solution. This means that the system administrator can access any settings and parameters from any part of the application. For example:

· go to the user profile settings to configure the necessary access rights

· use role editing to access the list of users with assigned roles

· when editing rules, get access to the list of roles and users that are given the appropriate access and permissions

· etc.

This cross-compatibility greatly simplifies the work of the system administrator.

Users Management

This section contains a general list of users. The administrator can see a table with a list of users, the current status of each record, and an email.

Users Management

When you select a user, detailed information is displayed, including the assigned roles and access rights, which are rules.

Webix JavaScript User Manager

You can edit the recording properties in the right part of the screen by clicking on the “Edit” icon.

General tab contains basic account information:

· name

· email

· photo

· status

· details

On the same tab, the administrator can manage credentials for the selected contact: create credentials, reset password, delete credentials.

Webix JavaScript User Manager

Rules tab displays all the rules that were assigned to the selected user. The app interface conveniently displays both the name of the rule and the assignee that delegated these rights to the user.

Webix JavaScript User Manager (Rules tab)

Roles Tab allows you to change the list of roles assigned to the selected user.

Webix JavaScript User Manager (Roles Tab)

Audit tab displays all user activity within the app:

list of network activity

list of operations performed by users

list of operations with user settings

Webix JavaScript User Manager (Audit tab)

Role Matrix displays a list of all users and their available roles in a single table. This is a convenient tool for quickly reassigning roles.

Webix JavaScript User Manager (Role Matrix)

Roles Management

Roles represent predefined sets of rules. It is a convenient way to quickly assign the right set of access rights to the right group of people.

Webix JavaScript User Manager (Roles Management)

The administrator can edit roles by clicking on the corresponding icon in the properties of the selected role.

Roles — General Tab, where you can set the role name and choose a color for the icon.

Webix JavaScript User Manager (Roles — General Tab)

Roles — Rules Tab, where you can select the set of rules available for the selected role. The built-in search helps you find the right rule if there are a lot of them.

Webix JavaScript User Manager (Roles — Rules Tab)

Roles — Members Tab, which is the list of users who are assigned the corresponding role.

Webix JavaScript User Manager (Roles — Members Tab)

Rules Management

Webix JavaScript User Manager (Rules Management)

Rules are a set of system rights and restrictions that are set by the system administrator. The User Manager application does not provide functionality for creating these system rules and parameters, because they are regulated at the core level of your web system. The open Webix architecture and the use of Webix Jet technology will allow developers to quickly and easily integrate Webix User Manager and the database of system rules and access rights of your business solution.


Webix User Manager is a part of the system admin panel with the ability to manage:

· list of users

· rules and access rights

· typical user roles

This application has a well-designed interface and offers wide possibilities for integration with any Web systems. The ideology of Webix products is focused on easy customization. This allows Web developers to add their functionality, measure the logic of their work, and create new interfaces.

User Manager is the right choice for those who are looking for ways to increase the efficiency of web developers and reduce the number of working hours for creating a UI prototype.

You can download the User Manager widget from this link. You will have access to a 30-day trial. To prolong the trial period or get an extended trial, please contact Webix managers.

The commercial license for the User manager widget is available in any Webix package. You can find the terms and prices on this page.

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