Webix JavaScript Scheduler

Webix JavaScript Scheduler Review

Webix has recently introduced a new complex JS Scheduler widget for integrating calendar, planning, and scheduling functions into any web application. In this article, we will look at the main features of the new module and answer the most frequently asked questions.

What are complex Webix widgets?

Unlike regular JavaScript UI widgets, complex widgets are full-fledged SPA applications that do not require additional configuration and customization. They are immediately ready for integration into your business application, which allows you to save more working hours for programmers. This is a visual embodiment of the concept of the low-code platform, which is Webix. Complex Webix widgets are immediately ready to work because they contain a functional front-end layer and, if necessary, are supplied with various options for the back-end layer. The flexible Webix architecture makes it easy to customize these applications, extend their functionality, and integrate them into existing solutions.

Scheduler Overview

Scheduler Overview

Webix Scheduler offers a classic design for this type of application.

The right panel contains:

  • calendar
  • event channels (plug-in calendars).

The compact mode can be implemented in different ways. The screenshot below shows one of the options that can be used for integration into mobile applications.

Creating and editing events

The mechanism for creating and editing events allows you to:

  • set the event name
  • specify the start and end date/time
  • create events that last all day
  • create recurring events
  • write comments to the event.

Agenda view mode displays events scheduled for the current month.

Today view mode allows you to see the tasks scheduled for the current day. The special feature of this mode is that it shows only the events of the current day without having to switch to a different view mode. In other words, it hides all past and future events, leaving only the current ones.

There are standard view modes:

  • Day view mode — a list of tasks for the current day.
  • Week view mode — a list of tasks for the current week.
  • Month view mode — a list of tasks for the current month.

Drag-n-drop support

Webix Scheduler supports drag-n-drop for calendar events. It allows to:

  • drag an event to another day or time slot
  • change the duration of the event.

Examples of customization

The Webix team has prepared a library of examples to help developers create costume solutions based on Webix Scheduler.

Touch Friendly sample allows you to get a version of Scheduler adapted for mobile devices.

Scheduler compact mode may also be suitable for devices with a small screen diagonal.

You can view the event content in a floating window.

Here you can find more JavaScript Scheduler Samples.

Frequently asked questions

What happened to Mobile Scheduler, the previous version of the widget?

It is no longer supported and will not be included in the Webix package. The new version of the Scheduler provides better functionality and we highly recommend it. If you still need the old version, please contact the technical support.

Can I buy Webix Scheduler without the Webix library itself?

Yes, we have provided for this possibility. Contact us for more information.

Is Scheduler compatible with Angular or React?

Yes, it is. We provide examples of integrating our widgets into any modern frameworks.

Is Webix Scheduler compatible with a community (opensource) edition?

No, it is not. All complex widgets require the commercial package Webix Pro.

Will Scheduler work after the trial period expires?

After the trial period expires, all Scheduler functionality will be blocked. However, you can contact us to extend the trial period for up to 6 months.

Can I change the UI and design for Scheduler?

Definitely. Complex widgets are easy to configure, integrate, and customize. To help you with this, we have created detailed documentation.


Webix has once again created a beautiful, functional product that can complement your business application. You will easily be able to build Scheduler into your system and, if necessary, customize it and integrate it with your back-end and front-end environment.

If you like this widget, you can download the 30-day free version of Webix on this page.

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