The Evolution of Webix from 6 to 8.1

Webix JavaScript UI library
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The Evolution of Webix from 6 to 8.1

Webix JavaScript UI library is a product of the XB Software company. Since the time of its release in 2013, it has shown great potential for success and development. The 6.0 version of the library appeared in October 2018. Let’s trace the changes and updates that Webix has come through for more than two years already.

Today the library includes 100+ UI widgets and fully-featured CSS / HTML5 JavaScript controls. Webix also offers several templates and complex widgets that facilitate the development of custom business web apps. The library is available under open-source and commercial licenses. Let’s go deeper into the library improvements since 2018.

Webix 6.0

With Webix 6.0 back in 2018 the new default material skins were introduced with their compact versions.

Another accomplishment of that version was the Comments widget. It allowed the end-users to discuss their tasks right in the application via commenting.

The Kanban widget was updated. Some useful features have appeared. Among them, we can’t but mention a new modern design, a possibility to add comments, a pop-up card editor for profound tasks management, a dropdown list of tasks, and a card action menu for the most common actions.

The release of Webix 6.2 and 6.3 have brought some important updates and innovations. Among them is the possibility to add Webix tooltips to any part of the application and images export to PDF. The drag-n-drop has also become more convenient.

The Webix Jet 2.0 was released. The size of the microframework was reduced and numerous features were added. For example, views could be shown in new windows, windows could be shown by including them in the app URL.

Webix 7.0

A new version was released in September 2019. From then on the library supports only IE11+ versions.

The new TimeLine widget was introduced. It was designed to visualize data in chronological order and create scalable infographics. Besides, MentionSuggest for text inputs appeared, and an advanced formula editor was added to the Spreadsheet widget. The editor offers the list of possible functions on entering the first letter of the function name in the input and operates either by selecting a range of cells or by typing in the cell reference.

With Webix 7.1 a new Filter widget has come, which is a convenient interactive solution for filtering complex datasets. Also, TextHighlight control was introduced. It is a one-line or a multi-line input field with a label and the possibility to highlight the text. This control in the Comments widget allows users to highlight the names of the mentioned users.

In Webix 7.2 the File Manager widget was updated. It has become highly customizable and it has started offering file preview and editing. The DataTable widget has been also improved and complemented with multi-column sorting and Excel filter.

Version 7.3 has become rich in new widgets. The User Manager widget has become a solution for managing access rights of the users. The Document Manager widget has appeared to make a powerful tandem with the File Manager. Since then it was made possible to group folders, to add tags to files and folders, to search files and folders by names and tags, to comment files, to integrate Spreadsheet for viewing and editing Excel files, and to share access to files with other users. To crown it all the Query widget was created with the functionality of built-in filtering and combining filters of any complexity.

Webix 7.4 has presented its users with the updates of the Spreadsheet and Document Manager. It has become possible to edit history and manage tags in the latter. The Chat widget was introduced in the current version. As it is clear from its name, the widget offers real-time communication among users.

Webix 8.0–8.1

Finally, we have approached the latest versions of the library. Here is a list of the most recent changes and updates of the Webix library:

  1. A new Webix JS Scheduler widget has appeared. This online web calendar is handy while planning events, scheduling meetings, booking items. Scheduler features include full screen and compact modes, as well as different types of viewing modes.
  2. Another new complex widget is the Gantt Chart. It is an Agile project management solution for managing resources, setting tasks, and monitoring their execution.
  3. The updates of the version include JavaScript Spreadsheet, which now can work both in desktop and compact modes. Besides, it has become possible to export Spreadsheet data to PDF. Horizontal Timeline was updated. Now you can align timeline items horizontally and place them both to the top and bottom of the scale. A modern Material palette has appeared. Other updates cover Color Selector, TimeBoard widget, and Webix tooltips, which have become even more flexible.
  4. Enhanced performance for Datatable header. The HTML table was removed, which led to the quicker rendering of wide Datatables.
  5. The Webix developers have improved the Webix Inventory App where they have implemented the ability to filter large datasets by different periods, be it a decade, a year, or an arbitrary period using the DateRangePicker and Richselect components.


The sky is the limit of perfection they say. The Webix team continues doing its best improving the library. Thanks to our users we manage to have new ideas and to better the existing solutions. As far as the library exists and facilitates the job of the developers we will not stop. So let’s wait for the new versions together.



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