The Evolution of Webix from 8 to 9.3

Webix JavaScript UI library
3 min readMay 11, 2022

The Webix UI library is steadily growing and sustainably enhancing its functionality. The performance of the library is recognized by the popular software platforms. The library is achieving such high results due to the constant feedback of the customers and the total devotion of the developers, who are the real experts in their domain. Let’s review the latest updates and see which results the library has managed to achieve so far.

Webix 8.0

This version was released 1.5 years ago.

  • That was the time when two of our currently very popular complex widgets came into life. They were Scheduler and Gantt.
  • The export of the files to PDF was improved in the widget Spreadsheet.
  • Timeline was modified with a horizontal mode.
  • The ColorBoard was supplemented with additional colors and shades.

Webix 8.1

  • It was the release of the complex Report Manager widget. It has become a reliable assistant in terms of report creating, configuring, grouping, and exporting.
  • The Gantt widget was updated and enhanced with visual markers and milestones.
  • In the Scheduler widget, the UTC format was implemented.

Webix 8.2

  • The next release of the library brought new improvements in the functionality of the Gantt widget. The opportunity to allocate resources appeared, which enabled users to assign and assess the time and effort spent on the project. A critical path of tasks demonstrates the main steps that cannot be omitted or postponed, and the connections between their dependent tasks visualize the whole scope of the project.
  • The Spreadsheet widget received advanced mathematical formulas for the users’ convenience.
  • File Manager opened up the possibility to edit several texts simultaneously.

Webix 8.3

This version of the library appeared a year ago. It brought several valuable results:

  • Diagram joined the family of Webix complex widgets. This new widget assists users in creating diagrams of any form and design. There is a collection of ready-made shapes of blocks and links as well as the opportunity to customize unique forms.
  • Scheduler acquired new handy view modes.
  • Spreadsheet received the possibility to hide columns and rows in the Excel file.

Webix 8.4

  • The next version brought modifications to the Diagram widget. It was complemented with an editing tool. The Diagram Editor allows users to instantly change the shapes and forms of the blocks and handle them with a convenient drag-and-drop feature.
  • The core enhancement of this version is the possibility of making video calls in the Chat widget.

Webix 9.0

  • A new version of the Pivot widget was introduced. From then on, it boasts three view modes, advanced built-in optimization options and filters.
  • Updates to the Diagram widget empower users to rotate blocks and move links manually in the work space.
  • Gantt introduced the feature of separate calendars for team members. It is especially convenient when employees have different working hours.

Webix 9.1

  • Chat offered the opportunity to share and download files in the messenger.
  • The Spreadsheet widget gained another 65 functions to process numbers.

Webix 9.2

Version 9.2 has become less significant in terms of new solutions yet is full of valuable fixes and updates.

  • Touch handlers on hybrid devices were fixed.
  • A couple of complex widgets, such as Pivot, Scheduler, and Gantt received new methods and events for more convenient operations.

Webix 9.3

  • Chat became more user-friendly with the introduction of emojis.
  • The collection of available charts in the Pivot Chart widget has been extended by four new types.
  • The functionality of Scheduler was complemented with drag-n-drop for adding new events.
  • The visualization potential of Sparklines was improved with new sparkline types.
  • Report Manager obtained the feature of advanced grouping.


Those significant results have become possible due to the support and loyalty of our customers. We appreciate your comments and critical remarks. Stay with us, and we will continue to improve our library for the sake of your current and future projects.



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