The Hidden Risks of Free Libraries and Frameworks: Why Choose Webix for Your Next Project

Webix JavaScript UI library
2 min readJan 17, 2024

When it comes to choosing a front-end technology for your software development project, it’s crucial to consider the implications of the chosen library or framework, especially in terms of copyright and licensing.

One key advantage of using Webix UI library is the simplicity and clarity of its licensing model. When you build a software system with Webix, you receive everything you need in one package under a single license. This means that the copyright for the software system automatically transfers to you, the customer, as soon as the work is paid for. In contrast, using React involves working with numerous third-party libraries, each with its own license. This can lead to complex dependency chains and potential copyright complications.

While most libraries may have permissive licenses like MIT, there could be instances where a library in the dependency tree has a copyleft license like GPL. In such cases, the source code of the entire software product would be required to be published under the GPL license, potentially exposing it to the public domain. This can create significant challenges for businesses that want to protect their intellectual property.

Here are some other compelling reasons why you should consider choosing Webix over React for your next project:

Easier development: Webix includes auxiliary tools such as Skin Builder, UI Designer, Form Builder, Code Snippet, and Webix Jet, which make the development process smoother and more efficient.

Access to third-party tools: Webix allows the use of third-party tools and frameworks, such as MVC frameworks, Backbone.js, jQuery, and Angular, alongside its own components. This flexibility enables developers to leverage additional resources and functionalities.

Time-to-market advantage: Due to its comprehensive nature and availability of ready-to-use components, Webix can expedite the development process, resulting in quicker time-to-market for your software product.

Mitigation of dependency traps: React projects often involve multiple levels of dependencies, where one library relies on another, and so on. Managing and resolving these dependencies can be challenging. With Webix, you have a self-contained library, reducing the risk of getting stuck in complex dependency chains.


By choosing Webix, you can avoid the potential pitfalls associated with using free libraries and frameworks like React. The licensing simplicity, comprehensive UI components, and integration capabilities of Webix make it a reliable choice for building software systems without the risk of copyright issues or dependency complications.



Webix JavaScript UI library

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