TOP 5 awesome Webix widgets

In this article, we will talk about the most beautiful web widgets included in the Webix JavaScript Framework.

As an introduction, excellent design is the credo of the Webix product. In one of the interviews, the Webix product owner said that Webix philosophy is the perfect UI right out of the box, by default and without settings. Thus, Webix does everything possible to make the life of the developers easier. For example, it contains predefined content, a set of awesome material skins, and so on (for more information, see the ThinkMobiles review).

Just look at how beautiful and concise the JavaScript TimeLine widget is. How perfectly matched its colors and fonts are. It is a pity that timeline tasks are not so common in applications, but if you need one, be sure to remember about Webix.

License: GPL

TimeLine Documentation: Follow the link

JS TimeLine sample code

Awesome UI widget N2 — Bullet Graph

I know that there are dozens of specialized Graphs and Charts libraries, but only Webix can boast of its randomness and fantastic rendering speed. This animated HTML5 Bullet Chart widget fascinates with its smooth rendering and stylish design.

License: Commersial + free trial

Billet Chart Documentation: Follow the link

JS Bullet Graph sample code

Awesome UI widget N3 — Range Chart

Since we mentioned graphs, we can’t but mention Selecting Data Ranges control. It is included in the Webix Charts package and impresses with its speed and smoothness.

License: GPL

Range Chart Documentation: Follow the link

JS Gange Chart sample code

Awesome UI widget N4 — Options Selection

Here are complex but concise JS Options Selection widgets. See how meticulously, up to the pixel, the workspace is organized. Do not forget that this is a fully functional, dynamic UI control with 16 built-in features.

License: GPL

Options Selection Documentation: Follow the link

JS Options Selection sample code

BTW, if you are dealing with complex interfaces, then pay attention to the following widgets:

Slider and RangeSlider

HTML5 Buttons

JS toolbars control

Awesome UI widget N5 — JavaScript Dashboard panel

The main thing you need to know about Webix is free JavaScript dashboards and templates. The Webix team is constantly adding to the collection of examples and templates to help developers save time and money. This is a completely free set of designs that everyone can use in their work.

If you like these widgets and want to learn more about the Webix Framework, go to the corporate website ( and use the contact form to get a presentation and technical consultation of the Webix team.



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