TOP 5 JavaScript DataGrid Widgets

Almost every business application allows users to work with large amounts of information within a DataTable component. The speed, usability, and innovative features of this widget largely determine the perceived performance of a web application and its user experience.The majority of modern interfaces are created on the basis of different UI/UX libraries and frameworks as they significantly facilitate and accelerate front-end developers’ work. As a rule, such JavaScript frameworks contain a number of components that can be incorporated into web apps. In this article we are going to draw a comparison between top JavaScript Datagrid widgets that make part of such popular UI libraries as,,,, and

Datatables is a very popular plug-in for the jQuery JavaScript library. It might seem a bit outdated but has a lot of other advantages. It contains advanced interaction controls that are designed to create HTML tables and improve their functionality. is a very flexible tool that adds a lot of innovative features to HTML tables. It is an open source software that is available under the MIT license. You can download and use for free. Or you can also purchase supporter packages if you want to develop and improve this JavaScript library. is extremely popular with an open source community and is widely used in a variety of projects. Users take an active part in discussions on customization and integration of this DataGrid.


Webix is a JavaScript UI library and framework that helps speed up web development. It contains about 100 widgets and full-featured CSS / HTML 5 JavaScript controls. The top component of Webix UI framework is a JavaScript DataTable (DataGrid) widget. The design is represented by 5 predefined skins. This UI library is available in two versions. You can get Webix Standard as a free open source UI library under GNU GPLv3 license. And there is a Commercial license that gives access to the full-fledged version. Webix UI library is developing with a focus on enterprise solutions that demand a high level of performance and customization. For example, it can be used in Salesforce CRM solutions.

DHTMLX is a JavaScript UI framework for developing data-intensive web apps with high performance and rich interfaces. One of the most powerful DHTMLX tools for processing large datasets is its JavaScript DataGrid library. It supports loading data in various formats like XML, JSON, CSV, JavaScript array, or HTML table. The work with this js grid control is intuitive and flexible due to in-cell editing, keyboard navigation, and a set of built-in operations for filtering, sorting and grouping data. The library goes with support for server-side integration. DHTMLX is available as a free JS UI library under the GNU GPL license. Besides, there are Сommercial and Enterprise licenses that can be purchased for using the components in commercial and SaaS apps.


The w2ui. com library is a set of jQuery plugins for front-end development of data-driven web apps. It contains the most widespread widgets such as Sidebar, Layout, Grid, Tabs, Utilitis, Popup, Forms, Toolbar, and Field Controls. The top component of this UI framework is Layout. The w2ui library is very lightweight, intuitive, and affordable. It possesses a lot of modern features and boasts a great UX design. The code of is licensed under the MIT License and the documentation — under CC BY 3.0.


The UI framework is aimed at speeding up web development. It helps create attractive and responsive layouts with the help of human-friendly HTML. It contains 50 + UI elements and about 3000 CSS variables. Menu is the top feature of The library is powered by jQuery and LESS. Semantic is intuitive, lightweight, well-structured, and thoroughly documented. It provides simplified debugging and responsive web design. This UI library is available under the MIT license. Moreover, is open to community contribution.

Now let’s see what features make part of the top JavaScript Datagrid widgets.

Bottom line

All the above-mentioned UI libraries possess their own cutting edge features that help facilitate the process of web development as you don’t need to start work from scratch. It’s obvious that Webix and DXTMLX are the most full-featured JavaScript UI frameworks that allow creating web applications with advanced functionality. These tools will enable you to save a great deal of time and efforts and make highly-customizable web apps with exceptional performance.




#JavaScript UI library for #cross-platform #web app development with 100+ #UI widgets and fully-featured #CSS / #HTML5 JavaScript controls.

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#JavaScript UI library for #cross-platform #web app development with 100+ #UI widgets and fully-featured #CSS / #HTML5 JavaScript controls.

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