Top 7 JavaScript Pivot Widgets in 2020–2021

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JavaScript Pivot table is an efficient component that allows visualizing and aggregating large volumes of data. It’s a great tool that enables end-users to generate reports without the necessity to use server-side technologies. In the list below you can find the most popular and consistent Pivot widgets. You’ll be able to figure out the most significant features that a high-performance pivot grid should contain.

1. Webix Pivot widget

Webix JS Pivot table represents a fully functional single-page application. If you choose Webix Javascript framework, you get 2 complex widgets instead of one: Pivot Table and Pivot Chart.

Webix Pivot widget performs data aggregation. It extracts meaningful information from large datasets. Pivot easily organizes, compares and sums up complex data. It is fully customizable which means that you can create custom functions for data structuring, change datatable settings, tune filters, and customize the configuration window. With Webix Pivot widget you can export data to a variety of formats: Excel, PNG, PDF, CSV. It’s also possible to set a different language by applying a custom locale to the page.

Webix Pivot has such cutting edge features as sorting, filtering, the possibility to highlight cells, row and column totals, quick configuring, and others.

The widget supports all modern browsers and platforms.

There is a backend integration with PHP, Node.js, and .NET. And front-end integration with AngularJS, jQuery, React, Vue.js, and other third-party libraries.

The Commercial license for startups or small development teams costs about $849, and the price of the Individual license which includes complex widgets and technical support is equal to $449.

2. Flexmonster

Flexmonster is a fully-customizable Pivot table widget that runs on major desktop and mobile operating systems. Flexmonster Pivot component can be integrated with nearly any project as it supports a great variety of web development technologies. The main peculiarity of this widget is its capability to handle extremely big volumes of data. If you load huge datasets, no UX issues are likely to happen.

Flexmonster Pivot table supports many data formats such as JSON, CSV, SQL, XMLA, etc. Moreover, you can specify what features will be enabled or disabled in your Pivot grid.

Flexmonster ships with a number of useful features. One of them is filtering. You can filter data in the most convenient way using three possible methods:

  • Filtering by value
  • Filtering by members’ names
  • Using a report filter

Another important feature of the widget is sorting. It enables you to place rows and columns in either alphabetical or numeric order. There is also a possibility to export data in Excel, CSV, HTML, PNG, or PDF formats.

Flexmonster Pivot component presupposes the following types of formatting:

  • Conditional formatting
  • Number formatting

The component is available on a paid basis. The one-year subscription costs about $799. And the price of the Unlimited license is $1999.

Flexmonster supports such server-side technologies as Ruby, Java, .NET, PHP, etc. There are also possibilities of integration with other JS libraries (e.g., React, Angular, jQuery, RequireJS, PhoneGap, etc.).

3. DevExtreme Pivot

The DevExtreme HTML5 JS Pivot grid is a fully-featured client-side widget that performs complex data analysis. There is a wide range of customization options.

The DevExtreme Pivot widget can quickly process up to 1,000,000 records right inside the browser. One of the key features of the component is the possibility of integration with DevExtreme Chart.

The Pivot widget has built-in Field Chooser and Excel-like filtering options, so it enables end-users to efficiently analyze data and select the necessary fields.

The DevExtreme JS Pivot table also has a data sorting feature. You can sort row and column values in the most convenient way. Moreover, the widget allows exporting data in Excel format.

You can get the component for free with the Non-Commercial license. There is also the Commercial license with priority support ($699.99) and without it ($499.99).

4. jbPivot

jbPivot is a simple free open-source jQuery pivot table widget. It’s available under the GPLv3 license. jbPivot can be easily installed with the help of the npm package manager. The component has such important functions as sorting, grouping, drag-and-drop, and some others.

jbPivot is not packed with any complex features, but it’s a nice choice if you intend to work with small volumes of data.

5. dhtmlxPivot

dhtmlxPivot JavaScript widget allows processing large amounts of data. It is sure to function well even when loading huge amounts of data items. The component is fully customizable. Data can be loaded in JSON and CSV formats.

With the dhtmlxPivot component, you can highlight the cells with particular values. The cell content can be filtered with the following types of filters:

  • Dates filter
  • Number filter
  • String filter

In addition, dhtmlxPivot supports four main operations (sum, count, max, and min), but it’s also possible to add custom operations. Besides, you can easily export your grids to Excel files.

If you need to load data stored on the server, you can use such server-side technologies as .NET, Java, PHP, Node.js, etc.

You can choose the Free Trial edition of the framework. Besides, you can buy the Commercial license for small teams of developers ($299). There is also the Enterprise license with enhanced support. It will cost you about $499.

6. Orb.js

Orb.js is a JavaScript library aimed at building efficient and minimalistic pivot table applications. It contains the most essential Pivot features such as drag-and-drop, sorting, filtering, grand totals and subtotals, fixed headers. You can export data in Excel format.

The Orb.js Pivot table is fully customizable. You can get it for free with the MIT license.

7. PivotTable.js

PivotTable.js is a free open-source JS Pivot component. It’s available under the MIT license. You can customize the widget according to your needs. It supports drag-n-drop and enables you to change the original color set and use a custom color grade.

PivotTable.js contains a built-in heat map, table, and table-bar chart renderers. Moreover, you can create various types of charts using D3 Visualizations, Google Charts, or C3 Charts. Among the drawbacks of the widget is its inability to export data to Excel files. The component can be integrated with any server-side technologies.

Let’s compare the core features of the JavaScript Pivot widgets mentioned above.


JavaScript Pivot table is a mighty component that allows creating well-organized visual reports over large amounts of data. You can conveniently filter, sort, compare, and summarize data within one table. The above-mentioned top 7 JavaScript Pivot Widgets have a lot of features in common and can make part of an efficient business solution. But many of them have their own peculiar characteristics and functionalities. The final choice of the component totally depends on your business needs and preferences.



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