Top JavaScript Frameworks and Tech Trends for 2022

Webix JavaScript UI library
4 min readJun 23, 2022
Top JavaScript Frameworks and Tech Trends for 2022

JavaScript remains among the most demanded languages in the IT world. Any business today needs to be visible online, that is why the skills and experience in developing interactive websites with the help of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS stay relevant in the list of required qualifications. Let’s consider the JS trends that will remain current in the second half of 2022-the beginning of 2023.

General growth of the IT sector

The world has almost overcome the consequences of the pandemic. The least affected area after the virus is IT. Every business today is connected to IT development in one way or another. It means that the sector will continue expanding, attracting young and talented specialists. Judging by the tendencies described in the most recent Stack Overflow survey, JavaScript has almost 65% in the category “The most popular technologies.”

Low-code development

With the general growth of the IT sector, developers tend to look for solutions to have an opportunity to code faster. Here is where low-code platforms step in. Low-code platforms allow even junior programmers to create worthwhile applications with minimum effort. That process facilitates the job of a developer. However, the solutions built on low-code platforms might be unwilling to adapt to the requirements of your growing business.

Outsourced assistance

The pandemic has taught us to work remotely, and we seem to be happy with that new reality. Outsourced teams today are completely different from their peers three or four years ago. They do not offer an isolated service, not caring about the further maintenance of the project. Outsourced support today offers anything from developing an MVP, to the whole development stage, and further implementation of the product and team extension. The new reality is not to hire another employee on board, but to integrate a whole team of experts that will work side by side with the local professionals.

Cloud technologies

This trend is yet another consequence of the coronavirus pandemic. With offices moving to work from home, it has become far more convenient to store the data on the cloud. It frees up the space on the server and guarantees safety. According to, the worldwide public computing market is expected to reach $495 billion by 2022. It means that the domain of cloud technologies, including data science, AI, and machine learning, will be in demand for quite some time in the future.

Top JS frameworks

Taking into consideration the above-mentioned facts, we have compiled a list of modern frameworks, that are value for money and meet the requirements of the popular tendencies in the IT development domain.

Webix UI Framework

The Webix UI library offers ready-made controls, elements, and features for fast application development. It is possible to create an app with Webix in 30 seconds. Thus, the library can be called a low-code platform. It facilitates the job of developers and makes it faster. Thirteen complex widgets of the library are turnkey applications that can be used independently or embedded into any existing environment. The library also contains such additional tools as UI Designer, Webix Jet microframework, Skin Builder, and Form Builder. The library has a lively blog and forum. The developers of XB Software, the team behind Webix, are ready for remote work and can assist your team on the project of any complexity.


Svelte was also noticed among the most loved web frameworks in the above-mentioned Stack Overflow survey. It is a lightweight and easy-to-implement framework that does not require a virtual DOM and claims to use a minimum amount of code. The framework is truly reactive and has a short learning curve.


This JS framework must be familiar to all IT developers. It is open-source and it is used to design responsive and dynamic UIs. It supports cross-platform development. The learning curve is short. The knowledge and experience of this framework will be an advantage as this tool is used in many projects and by well-known businesses in any sphere.


Keeping up with the modern tendencies in the sphere of IT is a must for development experts. Following professional communities, reading blogs, and sharing experiences with colleagues improves the level of qualification significantly. Another useful tip is to study the requirements of every project carefully to select the best suitable framework.



Webix JavaScript UI library

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