Top JavaScript TreeGrid Components for Boosting Your Data Management Efficiency

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4 min readNov 1, 2023

In today’s data-driven world, efficient data management is crucial for businesses to make informed decisions. JavaScript TreeGrid components offer a powerful solution for organizing and presenting complex data in a tabular format. In this article, we will explore the top JavaScript TreeGrid components that can significantly enhance your data management efficiency. These components provide advanced features, seamless integration with popular frameworks, and customizable options to tailor the user experience according to your specific needs.

Webix TreeTable Widget

Webix JavaScript Treetable is based on the DataGrid component and that’s why possesses all of its features and peculiarities, including Sparklines, Clipboard support, advanced filters, and many others. This component combines its functionality with different groupings of information that are available in DataGrid, for example, rowspan, colspan, and grid grouping. The widget can boast its thorough elaboration of Drag-n-drop separately for rows and columns, the possibility to change the width of all margins and create vertical headers.

Webix TreeTable works seamlessly with large amounts of multidimensional data thanks to dynamic loading. Multiple filtering and sorting options give users opportunities to quickly find required pieces of information in the table and, if necessary, edit them on the fly. Various selection and copy-paste modes make it much easier to borrow data from the table. The widget also allows utilizing math formulas and charts (Bar, Pie, Spline, etc.) in the grid. The list of available data exporting formats includes PDF, PNG, Excel. The documentation page provides more interesting details on the practical usage of this JS widget and its features.

EJS TreeGrid

EJS TreeGrid is a DHTML component that provides different options for organizing data on an HTML page, including table, bar chart, grid, tree view, and as its name suggests a tree grid. Written in pure JavaScript, this component enables you to configure a tree table in accordance with your requirements and equip it with core functions typical for this kind of UI tool (sorting, filtering, grouping, searching). The tree table built with EJS TreeGrid can include any number of nesting levels in cells. The component supports various cell types, paging types, editing masks, and formatting values.


jqxTreeGrid is a part of the jQWidgets library used to lay out data utilizing a tree-like setup. This lightweight jQuery widget offers a range of core features with flexible configuration for manipulating data the way you need. Large volumes of data can be broken down into smaller parts for more convenient navigation using the paging feature. Load on Demand (also known as a virtual mode) is one more function that helps to ensure optimal performance with big data in tree grids. With this feature on board, child rows of the tree are generated and initialized only when the parent rows are opened. Other noteworthy features of this widget are pinned columns, aggregates, custom editors, cell formatting, custom cell rendering.

Ignite UI Tree Grid

The Ignite UI library provides a number of UI components for the faster accomplishment of various web development goals, including hierarchical presentation of data. Two Ignite UI tools suit this purpose, namely — Hierarchical Grid and Tree Grid. Both grids are similar in terms of functionality, as they support the main features that are commonly expected from a grid component such as sorting, filtering, in-cell editing. But the Tree Grid is a more preferable option when building a table where the parent and child nodes have the same structure or if you want to offer end-users a simpler experience.

Syncfusion Tree Grid

Syncfusion Tree Grid is a JavaScript control dedicated to presenting self-referential hierarchical data in the form of tables. It is one of the numerous ready-made UI components included in the Essential JS 2 library. This tool comes with a set of useful features that are crucial for effective data management such as sorting, filtering, editing, aggregations, stacked headers, etc. Thanks to the mobile-optimized design, Syncfusion-based tables are displayed well on devices with different resolutions and screen orientation. Using special templates, you can create custom grid elements (headers, toolbars, etc.).


Efficient data management is essential for businesses, and JavaScript TreeGrid components provide a powerful solution for organizing and presenting complex data. By exploring the top JavaScript TreeGrid components mentioned in this article, you can boost your data management efficiency, streamline your workflows, and empower your users with interactive and visually appealing data representations. Choose the component that best suits your needs, integrate it into your web application, and take your data management to the next level.



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