TOP JavaScript UI frameworks alternatives in 2021

Oh, no! I’ve just written another JS framework!

Why is that “oh, no”? When it comes to web development, the system architecture is the core. Professional developers are most likely to choose among the “big three” JS frameworks. The reasons for this choice are obvious. React is developed by Facebook, Angular is the brainchild of Google. Vue is a bit different in this respect, as it was created by a single programmer, not a giant corporation. The framework is around 6 years old only, but it has already taken a leading position among popular JS frameworks in the IT world. Vue has taken the best from its elder brothers to achieve success. So, the path of Vue proves, that sky is the limit for perfection, and every new framework can take the best practices from its ancestors and offer something fresh and reliable.

In this article, we will focus on less popular frameworks to study the alternatives and see what they can provide our projects with.

Lets’ do it fast!

In most cases, browsers are the ones who count. All the calculations are made on the browser side, which leads to the loss of rendering speed. The applications with large amounts of data experience performance issues, and users are not happy with their user experience anymore.

The solution may lie in the third-party components with optimal rendering speed. For example, Webix UI Library does not use native scrolling. It scrolls one row at a time, which ensures faster rendering and less load on the browser. Users combine Webix with a different backend and stay happy with the results. For instance, Rudi van Wyk, a data scientist from Intenda company deals with software, comprising tones of data. And he is happy with the way Webix copes with the tasks on the front end.

I need more functionality!

An ideal client is the one who made a list of requirements to the project and does not add any points to this list throughout the development process and after the launch of the first version. But ideal means unreal. In most cases, developers will face additional demands from the client and are likely to come to the point when the chosen framework does not provide opportunities to meet those demands.

Alternative frameworks are there to help. In such situations products with ready-made SPA applications turn to be extremely useful. Those apps are fine-tuned by a team of professionals and can be easily integrated into any project. The examples here are the following: Ext JS, DHTMLX, Webix. Talking about real case studies, we can mention a CRM system Donorfy, which needed a Kanban board component and found it at Webix library. Instead of building something from scratch, it may be easier to look for a turnkey solution.

No more Excel!

Modern browsers provide us with the opportunity to perform all the functions online. Excel-like spreadsheets and pivot tables appear now and then, offering advanced functionality and fast work. The list of opportunities here can be quite long, the choice depends on particular requirements and developers’ preferences:

I’m a designer myself!

Alternative JS frameworks and libraries may not only facilitate the development process but carry about the style and design of the product as well. Being able to create a UI prototype of the future application is a nice skill that adds points to the profile of a developer and brings loyal clients. Thus, the product with built-in WYSIWYG editors is a competitive advantage. Here we look at:

We’re small but proud.

The case where it’s probably preferable to move away from the well-known frameworks and turn to something less popular yet cheap and promising. The strategy works for start-ups. They tend to be interested in an MVP to attract investors and to enter the market as soon as possible. Alternative solutions, like Webix, Bryntum, Vanilla are more advantageous, as:

  • they offer ready-made tools that can be combined and used all together


We have looked at the situations where it may be more convenient and helpful to use alternative frameworks rather than turn to well-known solutions. Giants are powerful and robust, but they lack flexibility and speed, that’s where smaller products deserve attention.

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