Unlocking Customer Insights: How Webix Data Visualization Transforms Business Success

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Building relationships with your customers can be a tricky task. It’s not enough to convince people to try your goods or services. The most important thing is to make them return to your company again.

If you ensure that your clients use your products without any inconvenience, the chances that they will spend more time with your business will be pretty high. Usually, customer service departments take care of customers trust and make sure that their experience of collaboration with a company is excellent. In big companies, such specialists engage with hundreds and thousands of clients every day.

Due to the continuously increasing number of interactions with customers from all around the world and their diversity, it’s barely possible to analyze each case individually. In such situations, data visualization solutions come to rescue. The use of a software tool designed according to the specifics of your company can help you to improve customer experience significantly. Your business will be able to determine which parts of interactions with customers require your attention and by which measures you can meet the individual needs of your clients. In this article, we’ll consider how you can benefit from using the Webix library for customer data visualization.

Create Interactive Customer Dashboards

Probably, the best part about modern data visualization tools is that you can go way beyond a simple generation of static tables and graphs. The possibility to interact with data and disclose how different data sets interacts on different levels can provide you with new insights on customer experience improvements.

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According to the features of your business, you may prefer data visualization tools of a specific type. Different data visualization techniques allow achieving the optimal experience. Let’s say you work in a constantly changing environment. In such a case, the ability to react to the rapidly changing behavior of your customers as fast as possible will provide you with a competitive advantage on the market. Customer dashboards can provide you with access to real-time data visualizations that are updated as soon as your clients change one of the important indicators. With this info before your eyes, you can make fast data-driven decisions on how you can achieve better customer experience according to the relevant data. Webix developers follow the latest trends in web development and provide rich integration features. For example, you can combine its functionality with React.js for building powerful dashboards.

Create Intuitive Tools for Customer Service Performance Analysis

Data visualization tools can help your business to bring customer experience to a whole new level. To keep your clients satisfied and smiling, you should continuously monitor measurable objectives that drive better performance. Define how your customers can provide feedback and how you can transform it into the series of measurable indicators. Gather this data, process it, develop a strategy of further customer experience improvement, and get back to your clients with a follow-up to show them how you value their opinion. Also, when you measure customer service performance, you can define issues within your team and fix them before they escalate.

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Data visualization tools can help you to automate the lion’s share of mentioned tasks. Nowadays, such software provides AI and machine learning support, which helps to extract important info from the abundance of data with minimum human involvement. All you have to do is to analyze this info represented in an easy-to-read way. Webix-based data visualization apps provide such features as drill down, which can help to extract data related to a specific region or demographic group. With easy access to such info, you can better address issues of your clients, recognize customer behavior trends, and change your business processes accordingly.

Become Mobile Friendly

Besides the use of accumulated data within your company for adapting your business processes to the clients’ behavior, you can use it to attract new customers. You can share the experience of providing your services to people via your website. Tell everyone how god you are in what you’re doing, how customer satisfaction rates grow from day to day, how you enter new markets and reach new heights. The best way to do so is to create an intuitive visualization of collected data. A colorful, informative dashboard can provide potential customers with more useful info than tons of text.

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Webix is a mobile-friendly library that will help you to leverage from the wide spread of such kind of devices. You can create a responsive and adaptive design for your data dashboards and make them work flawlessly on desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Such an approach will help to provide all your customers with relevant data which would otherwise require the use of a large screen of a laptop or PC. According to customer behavior analytics, companies that care of mobile users can count on excellent customer engagement and more extended visits.

Identify Those Clients Who Require Your Involvement

Another great opportunity provided by data visualization tools is the identification of customers that regularly experience some issues. Software systems can easily extract them from the rest of your customers and inform you that there’s the need for your attention. Your customer service department can track such clients to learn more about the issues they have and define the possible ways of improving customer experience. If a problem occurs repeatedly, there’s something wrong with the way of how you provide your services. In such a case, you must act lightning fast to prevent your customers from choosing another company. The measures can vary. For example, if users face some problems while booking flights online using your website, you can provide them with additional instructions or redesign the user interface to make it more intuitive.

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Visualization tools have become an integral part of modern business that helps to understand big data and extract useful info from it. If you make this data available in real-time, you can significantly change the way of dealing with customer complaints. You can assure that high priority customers won’t get missed and will receive the attention they need. Your customer service team will get the possibility to interact with customers better and make your relationships with them more transparent.



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