Unveiling the Hidden JavaScript Features of Webix Library for Enhanced Web Development


The Webix library is a powerful JavaScript framework for building web applications with a rich UI. While Webix provides extensive documentation and a wide range of features, there are a few hidden or lesser-known JavaScript features within the library that you might find useful.

Predefined content

Most Webix widgets generate a UI filled with default content by default. The content is extremely important because it allows you to evaluate the correct size of the widget and its separate elements.

Due to this feature, Webix is great for rapid prototyping of web applications, as it immediately shows the correct UI filled with data. An example of content autofill is shown well in this article.

Microframework Webix Jet

This tool lets you create data-rich Single Page Apps. Using Webix Jet streamlines the UI-layer development process, allows you to create reactive apps, and simplifies further customization of the UI. Jet technology splits the web UI into different views and classes that will easily be configurable. This tool is not essential when using Webix, but it can significantly simplify the creation and support of huge, complex applications.

With Webix Jet, code and UI are split into isolated modules

We have a complete guide to Webix Jet framework for the beginners. Check out Part 1 and Part 2.

SQL queries with Query widgetSQL queries with Query widget

Query widget, which is included in the list of complex Webix widgets, can create SQL queries for working with databases. Due to this feature, developers immediately get a ready-made tool for working with SQL databases.


Webix JavaScript Query is particularly useful for applications that require extensive database integration, reporting, and data analysis functionalities. It empowers developers to leverage the power of SQL in their web applications, allowing for seamless integration with backend systems and efficient handling of large datasets.

User Manager as the ready-made admin panel

Another complex widget that has a lot of hidden potential. The User Manager is a full-fledged admin panel that can become the core of any multi-user web app. This ready-made solution can greatly speed up the development of your web application.


Webix offers a solution to manage the users list and to administer access rights and permissions. We have foreseen numerous settings, activity logging, security audit and various ways of auto-identification and authorization of the users.

Browser-based computing

Another hidden Webix feature that performs complex calculations on the client-side. This feature is implemented in two integrated widgets: Pivot and Spreadsheet.

Pivot allows you to work with huge data sets and create pivot tables from them. Spreadsheet is a kind of Excel analog that performs all calculations in the browser. Should the lack of system resources occur, Webix transfers the calculations to the server-side.


These hidden JavaScript features within the Webix library provide additional flexibility and customization options for your web application development. Exploring the Webix documentation and examples in depth will help you uncover more hidden gems and maximize the potential of the library.



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