Webix Jet framework through the eyes of a freshman. Part 2. Interaction with the interface

  • add a bit of interactivity to the application
  • define the data models with optimistic and pessimistic approaches for loading and saving data.

Briefly about Webix and Webix Jet

Data Model for Films

Interaction between FilmsView and FormView modules via the URL

Configuring the FilmsView Module

  • the name of the url parameter
  • id of the selected element
  • true (this argument is responsible for displaying the set url parameter).

Configuring the FormView Module

Working with data via the collection

Data Model for Users

  • getData()
  • saveData()

Interaction via the class methods and global events

Create a Popup Window with a Form

Setting up interaction via the methods

Setting up interaction via global events

Working with data via the model function

Searching and Sorting




#JavaScript UI library for #cross-platform #web app development with 100+ #UI widgets and fully-featured #CSS / #HTML5 JavaScript controls. www.webix.com

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