Webix Pro vs Webix Standard

If you are still unsure what version of Webix UI library to choose for your projects, read on. You will learn about the main discrepancies between Webix Pro and Webix Standard for open source projects. You’ll find out more detailed information about the additional features that Webix Pro provides access to. But eventually, the choice between the two versions totally depends on your business needs and aims.

So let’s have a look at the basic differences between Webix Pro and Webix Standard.

*The number of JavaScript widgets and controls

**Developer license agreement

***GNU GPLv3

As you see from the table above, Webix Pro package possesses a number of peculiar characteristics in comparison to Webix standard. It has such crucial features as the ability to save and restore the state of the application and expanded opportunities for customization and design. In addition, Webix Pro supports complex widgets such as Pivot, Scheduler, Kanban, Spreadsheet, and File Manager.

Complex widgets

These widgets differ from most web widgets and controls that you know. They allow solving particular end-user tasks in a consistent and integrated way. You can customize complex widgets and employ them to perform complicated calculations, interactive reports, advanced data filtering, and work process control.

In fact, complex widgets are a set of mature web applications with well-tuned users workflow.

JavaScript File Manager is a great tool for managing assets and organizing tree lists similar to file management apps.

Kanban web widget is a task tracking visualization tool. Basically, it is a ready-to-use single-page application.

Webix SpreadSheet is an advanced user-friendly DataTable component that enables work with Excel tables.

Pivot Table is a tool for aggregating data from different data sets into a single view.

Pivot Chart helps visualize data from complex data sets.

Scheduler is a touch-oriented widget designed for mobile UIs.

Note that you can get Webix Pro package complete with Complex Widgets or without them. Or you can choose from the list only those that are necessary for your projects. Go to the page Licenses to choose the Package that suits you best.

Apart from the complex widgets, with Webix Pro you can get access to some advanced Pro features of several widgets.

DataTable vs DataTable Pro

JavaScript DataTable is one of the most complex and optimized Webix widgets. It helps organize work with large amounts of data in the most efficient and convenient way. DataTable has a lot of advanced features, but some of them are available only for licensed users. With Webix Pro you get acсess to such features as:

  • Area selection,
  • Advanced editors,
  • Advanced filters,
  • Rowspan and Colspan,
  • Header menu,
  • Grid grouping,
  • Vertical headers,
  • Sparklines,
  • Subrows and Subviews.

Charts vs Charts Pro

Charts widget includes the most widespread types of chart. They include bar, line, donut, radar, spline, area, pie, 3D-pie, donut, and scatter. You can choose and set the way your chart will look like by changing the design of all its elements. The Pro version makes it possible to take advantage of such additional features of Charts component as:

  • Selecting Data Ranges
  • Drawing by coordinates.

ScrollView vs ScrollView Pro

Webix ScrollView widget is a container within which you can scroll other components both vertically and horizontally. The widget is convenient when you deal with big items of data. ScrollView includes Custom Scroll as a Pro feature.

Webix Pro package also includes a number of html5 web widgets that are not available in Webix Standard version. All of them have their own unique features and extended functionality.

Get familiar with the list of Pro widgets:

  • Absolute layout,
  • Barcode,
  • Bullet graph,
  • Check suggest,
  • Dashboard,
  • Data layout,
  • Data view suggest,
  • Date range,
  • Date range picker,
  • Date range suggest,
  • Excel viewer,
  • Gage,
  • Grid layout,
  • Grid suggest,
  • Multicombo,
  • Multiselect,
  • Multisuggest,
  • Multitext,
  • Organogram,
  • PDF viewer,
  • Portlet,
  • Range chart,
  • Range slider,
  • TreeMap,
  • Query builder.

Bottom line

Both Webix Standard and Webix Pro have their own set of features that allow facilitating the process of web development. If you want to make the right choice, you should carefully consider your business needs and evaluate all the opportunities that come with both versions. Don’t forget that you are welcome to ask questions or share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.




#JavaScript UI library for #cross-platform #web app development with 100+ #UI widgets and fully-featured #CSS / #HTML5 JavaScript controls. www.webix.com

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#JavaScript UI library for #cross-platform #web app development with 100+ #UI widgets and fully-featured #CSS / #HTML5 JavaScript controls. www.webix.com

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