Webix Spreadsheet — Excel like JavaScript widget review

In this article, we will take a detailed look at one of the complex widgets included in the Webix library, which is Spreadsheet.

JavaScript widget

Complex Webix widgets are full-featured single-page applications with complex logic, but extremely simple integration and customization mechanism.

Complex Webix widgets

Spreadsheet is one of the most complex and functional widgets. It allows users to work with data tables in Excel style:

· process table data (sorting, search, filtering, matching, formatting)

· perform calculations

· build graphs

· import / export data

The full list of functions and features will be reviewed later.

Webix Spreadsheet purpose

The main difference between this product and solutions such as Office 365 or Google Docs is the ability to integrate the functionality of Spreadsheet into any web application. This allows you to get a native opportunity to work with data and perform calculations directly on the screens of any business applications. In other words, Webix Spreadsheet is not only an independent application but also a whole platform for creating any Excel-style applications.

The second distinctive feature is the unlimited customization possibilities. Developers can upgrade both the application interface and the functionality itself by developing their computing capabilities and tools based on Webix Spreadsheet.

So, this Spreadsheet is a smart and functional Datatable with the ability to perform calculations, work with graphs, images, and other native Excel features and the ability to integrate these features with the business functionality of any web application.

Adding images

Webix Spreadsheet allows you to insert images:

· in a separate cell

· in the merged area

· floating image

Webix Spreadsheet

Custom comments

Webix users can use both standard comments inside cells and custom multi-users’ comments. This feature demonstrates the possibilities of the Spreadsheet integration with the Javascript comments widget.

Javascript comments widget

Date picker

One more integration sample is integration with JavaScript Datepicker. The Webix package also includes several useful UI controls for this purpose, which can be integrated into Spreadsheet:

· DateRange

· DateRangePicker

· DateRangeSuggest

· DataSuggest

Date picker

Search and filters

Webix developers offer a ready-made search with cells highlighting sample. In this method, the data is not filtered but highlighted with a background color.

Search and filters

Custom search filter allows you to filter data, leaving only those lines on the screen that meet the search criteria.

Custom search filter

And of course, Spreadsheet offers traditional Filters, but with the ability of setting and customization the search form.


Popups and dialogs

Developers can use all the Webix opportunities to improve and customize the functionality of Spreadsheet.

For example, user-friendly Dialogs help and simplify data entry and validation.

Popups and dialogs

You can use DataTables inside the dialogs themselves.


The form of dialog implementation can be very different, for example, Popup with Form.

Popup with Form

Custom Views

Another manifestation of the flexibility of the Webix platform is the ability to create any Custom Views. For example, floating data table.

Custom Views

We have listed only some hidden features of the Webix Spreadsheet application. This solution has unlimited possibilities for customization and creation of computing processors or costume spreadsheet applications.

Webix Spreadsheet

If you are interested in this solution, you can read more about it in these materials:

SpreadSheet Documentation

SpreadSheet Samples

Built-in Functions list

API Reference

Licensing and terms of use

SpreadSheet is included in the Webix Pro package. This is a commercial version of the Webix UI product. You can download the trial version of JavaScript SpreadSheet from this link.

Pay attention to the Startups support program and collaboration with Outsourcing companies, where you can get the Webix Pro package and the included Spreadsheet.

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