Progress Review of the Webix IT Startup Programme

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It’s been almost half a year since we launched the Webix IT startup support programme. Our team planned this initiative with the view to help startups get on their feet by providing them with free powerful development tools and time-saving practices. A lot of work has been carried out through all this period of time. So we’d like to review the first results and accomplishments of the programme.

At present, more than 20 companies, projects, and individual developers take part in the programme.

Who are the participants?

  • First of all, they include some non-profit organizations. For instance, we are proud of the prolific cooperation with Greenpeace.
  • Webix IT startup support programme is also popular among typical startup teams who are in need of creating a prototype for their future software solutions.
  • Webix is a good UX design tool for junior developers.

What are the benefits of the Webix IT startup support programme?

  • Significant savings in time and resources

Besides the fact that IT startups get the possibility to use Webix UI library for free, they also save a lot of resources. Thus, they can use ready-made business widgets for creating a UI layer of their application.

  • Best UX practices

Webix provides developers and new IT companies with responsive web development practices and adaptive design.

  • Rapid prototyping

Webix allows creating an interface of any business web application in no time. It is especially useful for startups that are in need of building a software prototype as quickly as possible.

  • Full technical support

The Webix team is always happy to render assistance and provide answers to complicated technical questions.

  • Marketing support

We are happy to write about startups on our blog. Besides, we are also open to any advertising and marketing initiatives.

The practical benefits of the programme for Webix

We must admit that we didn’t expect that Webix users would be so willing to contact us. It is the openness and mutual confidence that enabled us to build even deeper and more trusting relationship with our users.

  • Feedback

First of all, we’ve received a lot of feedback from our customers. We have communicated with our real users and have learnt about some entirely new ways of using Webix for building business applications. This allowed us to correct the plans for further development of Webix. Soon you will find out about the innovations, new products, and updates that we have planned based on users’ feedback

  • The evolution of technical support

While dealing with the participants of the IT startup support program, we realized that they should also be subject to technical support. So now they can get full technical assistance on an equal basis with the owners of commercial licenses.

In the course of communicating with IT startup teams, we understood that we are learning together with them. We started to receive requests other than the ones that we usually get from mature development companies. So our technical support specialists have an opportunity to deepen their knowledge and acquire new skills.

  • New interesting showcases

Thanks to the close cooperation with startup teams we have gained the opportunity to receive many compelling showcases. This allows us to see how our customers implement their ideas and use Webix for creating business software solutions.

  • New partnership and cooperation programmes

Shortly after launching the Webix IT startup support programme, we have realized that it’s difficult to combine all business ideas in one program, so today we have several partnership initiatives:

Bottom line

The first achievements of the Webix IT startup support programme turned out to be very promising. The collaboration with our users and their feedback have inspired us to build further plans for Webix development and improvement.

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