What Are the Features of a File Manager?

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3 min readSep 22, 2021

Users today deal with tons of information. Usually, that information is stored in files and folders on computers or in the cloud. File managers, also known as file browsers help to work with those files. In a JavaScript file managing application, we edit, delete, move, copy files and folders. In this overview, we will look at the advanced features of file managers.

Old school

When we talk about file managers, first of all, we recall Windows File Explorer. It is the simplest tool with all the above-mentioned functions, sufficient for an ordinary user of a home laptop. However, the moment you need to operate with multiple documents at the same time it turns out to be scarce.

Another file manager from the past is Total Commander. It’s been around for 20 years already and it still has its devoted users. It’s no surprise, as Total Commander is easy to operate and it perfectly copes with all the expected tasks.

Generation next

Now let’s focus on the enhanced features of modern JavaScript file managing systems:

  • various view modes

Modern file managers offer different view modes for the users. Those may include dual-panel view, table view, cards view, as well as preview panel. Users can choose the one they like and are used to. Besides, elaborate solutions allow users to customize the layout.

  • text and image editors

This is a very convenient feature when you need to make quick changes in the document or crop an image.

  • drag-n-drop

The possibility to move files and folders within the system by dragging and dropping them.

  • sorting and searching

When there are a lot of files, it is handy to manage a quick search. Sorting can be performed by clicking on a column header, when the files are shown according to their names, date of creation, size, etc. The search is usually built-in and allows to find the required document fast.

  • different sources support

File system data is taken from different sources, such as cloud storage, physical sources, etc.

  • built-in audio and video players

Usually, this feature allows users to play audio and video files in the preview panel.

  • built-in access control

It restricts access to files and folders and allocates access rights. So you can hide internal information from the customers, for instance.

  • multi-language support

The context menu of the file system can be translated to any supported language.

Best practices

We have compiled a list of the advanced features of file managers analyzing the solutions on the market today. Now let’s provide a few examples of the systems, that can boast most of the features mentioned. Our leaders are:

Webix File Manager

Syncfusion File Manager

Bootstrap File Manager

You can look through other similar solutions in this overview.


The project you work on may not necessarily need all the functions mentioned. Some features are too specific. For example, playing video files may be excessive. It all depends on the requirements of a particular project. But with the help of this overview you will know how to scale and what additional features to look for.



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