Where we can use File Manager

4 min readSep 2, 2021


File managers, also known as file browsers make finding files and working with them easier. With the help of file managing applications, users copy, delete, move, edit files and folders.

The best-known file manager is Windows File Explorer. It has all the simplest features of similar solutions, but it is insufficient for more complicated projects. When users deal with online document flow and storage they need to operate with multiple documents at the same time, so the list of necessary features grows as well as the required overall performance of the file management tool.

Another well-known classic example of a file management system is Total Commander. It’s been around for more than 20 years so far and it still has its loyal followers. The key to success is the simplicity of using it.

Additional features of modern file managers may include:

  • build-in file upload and download
  • different view modes
  • editors for text files
  • music players

Today there are a lot of solutions of helpful JavaScript file managers offered either in open-source or as commercial products. In this overview, you can find some of them. A pleasant bonus of purchasing a commercial solution is not only tech support that will shorten the learning curve significantly, but also an opportunity to learn many useful hacks like in this article, for example.

Now let’s have a look at the real cases of using Webix File Manager widget.

Data science

Rudi van Wyk from Intenda company deals with financial services. The processes include reporting, data analytics, predicting modeling, all of which involve huge arrays of data. With the help of the File Manager app, they have created a solution for retail outlets’ market research. In the File Manager, all the products are kept in the hierarchy, which is easy to navigate, and the customers stay satisfied.

Working with teams

Martin and Johan are colleagues from the Netherlands currently working on the startup regarding teams cooperation. They provide a solution for the team members, allowing them to work together, allocate resources, attract subcontractors, and share common information. Martin and Johan use several widgets and components of the same library and combine them with the help of the micro-framework. This is another argument in favor of purchasing a commercial product. All the components will be easily joined and the overall design will not be patchy.

Business intelligence

Igor Fabo works in a company dealing with pastry production. Their IT department creates software for automatization processes. The software connects factories, warehouses, sales departments. It includes filtering, editing fields, deep learning, and AI for figures prediction. Thus, File Manager is part of a complex and smart system.

Project management

Another area for applying file managing solutions is the documents translation business. Emmanuel is a software development student from Estonia and a front-end developer in a company dealing with translation services.

Their project connects customers with freelancers. Customers upload their documents, project managers assign freelancers for the tasks. So there is much document flow in the project and File Manager helps to run the work smoothly.


We have saved the most interesting case for last. Kiril Serebnik is an automation lead. His sphere is home networking. They create modems that can transfer data through electric wires and communication cables, thus, through existing infrastructure. They want to create a general system where all the dumps from the test runs will be stored. It will make the process of a search easier and faster. For this system, they are planning to use File Manager.


To sum up, there are no particular spheres, where file management solutions can be used and where not. If your project has many documents, or you deal with anything that should be structured or kept in any kind of hierarchy, file management apps will be very handy. Complete documentation, responsive tech support, and a lively community will help to shorten the learning curve.




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