Why JavaScript complex widgets are essential in web based development?

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Complex widgets are complete single page applications that you can download and incorporate into your solution. They come with ready-made front-end and back-end layers. Every complex widget works flawlessly in an Angular or React environment. You can connect complex widgets to any back-end thanks to extensive documentation of the API, backend service, and methods.

JavaScript complex widgets play a crucial role in web development for several reasons:

Efficiency: With complex widgets, developers can focus more on implementing unique features and less on building common components. This efficiency can significantly speed up the development process.

Consistency: Using widgets from the same library or framework can provide a consistent look and feel across an application. This consistency can improve user experience and make the application easier to use.

Interactivity: Complex widgets often include interactivity out of the box. For example, a date picker widget might include a calendar interface that users can interact with, rather than requiring users to manually input a date.

Customizability: While widgets provide pre-built components, they are usually highly customizable. Developers can tweak their appearance and behavior to fit the specific needs of the application.

Essential JavaScript complex widgets

Webix is a powerful JavaScript library that offers over 100 fully customizable widgets. These widgets can help developers build fast and efficient web applications. Here are five most popular customer choices:

JavaScript Chat widget

An online application that allows people to communicate directly with one another. With JavaScript Chat, you can create chat rooms, customize the contacts list and chat’s appearance.

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Key Features:

  1. Sending messages to several users.
  2. Communication via audio and video calls.
  3. The ability to share files with each other as well as download them.
  4. Emoji support in chat.

What Chat widget can be used for?

  • Interacting with website visitors and potential customers.
  • Support service and live chat with the users.
  • Exchange messages within the company portal.
  • In-app chat for private messages within any commercial app.

JavaScript Scheduler

A mobile-friendly JavaScript and HTML5 event calendar. This component makes it simple to construct fully customizable single-day and multi-day events. Perfect choice for creating complicated scheduling apps of any kind.

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Key Features:

  1. Timeline view, where you can visualize events horizontally with separate timelines arranged from left to right.
  2. Easy customization of colors, texts, look of the time scales and date headers.
  3. Choosing between different view modes and contains a detailed view of events/appointments for a specific day, week, month.
  4. Localization for the action names, display mode labels, form field and control labels, and button labels.

What JavaScript Scheduler can be used for?

  • Classic online calendar for organizing meetings and booking meeting spaces.
  • Tracking of the employee’s working time.
  • Reservation of equipment and tracking of operating time.
  • Booking and reservations for hotels, guest houses, apartments.

JavaScript File Manager

Webix’s File Manager is a comprehensive file management solution that offers an intuitive interface and a wide range of functionalities. It allows users to efficiently organize, search, and manage files and folders, while also providing advanced features like file preview and enhanced security measures.

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Key Features:

  1. Intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy to navigate and manage their files.
  2. Extensive file operations such as uploading, downloading, moving, copying, renaming, deleting files, creating folders, searching for files, and performing batch operations to streamline file management tasks.
  3. Previewing images, documents, videos, and audio files without the need to open them separately, saving time and improving productivity.
  4. Options for access control, allowing administrators to define user permissions and restrict access to certain files or folders, to ensure that sensitive data is protected and only accessible to authorized individuals.

What JavaScript File Manager can be used for?

  • Organizing and managing documents within an organization.
  • Seamless access and work on files simultaneously among team members.
  • Managing large datasets, perform data preprocessing tasks, and collaborate on data analysis projects.
  • Storing and organizing project-related files, track document versions, and maintain a centralized repository for project assets.

JavaScript Pivot Table

Webix Pivot Table is a powerful data analysis tool that enables users to transform raw data into meaningful insights through interactive visualizations and flexible data analysis capabilities. It allows for multidimensional analysis, aggregating and summarizing data from different perspectives to uncover patterns and trends in a user-friendly interface.

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Key Features:

  1. Transforming raw data into meaningful insights.
  2. Interactive and customizable charts and tables.
  3. User-friendly interface for organizing and rearranging data dimensions, making it intuitive to create dynamic and insightful data views.
  4. Export analysis results and visualizations in various formats, such as Excel, CSV, PDF, and image files.

What JavaScript File Manager can be used for?

  • Analyzing sales data, customer behavior, financial metrics, and other business-related information.
  • Uncovering hidden relationships, correlations, and outliers by drilling down into specific data subsets and applying filters.
  • Assisting in understanding financial performance and identifying opportunities for cost optimization and revenue growth
  • Simplifying the process of creating comprehensive reports and presentations based on data analysis results.

JavaScript SpreadSheet

Webix Spreadsheet is a versatile tool that provides a comprehensive set of spreadsheet functionalities for data management, analysis, and reporting. It offers a user-friendly interface, powerful calculations, data visualization, and collaboration features, making it a valuable tool for various industries and use cases.

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Key Features:

  1. Comprehensive range of spreadsheet functionalities similar to popular desktop spreadsheet applications.
  2. Data import from various file formats, seamless integration of data from external sources.
  3. Real-time collaboration, controlling access permissions and enabling collaborative editing or read-only access.
  4. Customizable visualizations to enhance data representation and analysis.

What JavaScript File Manager can be used for?

  • Data analysis tasks, performing calculations, creating charts and graphs, and generating reports based on the data within the spreadsheet.
  • Managing budgets, tracking expenses, calculating financial metrics, and performing financial modeling.
  • Tracking inventory levels, managing stock movements, and performing calculations related to inventory valuation and reorder points.
  • Creating personal budgets, tracking expenses, calculating savings goals, and analyzing spending patterns.

In conclusion

JavaScript complex widgets provide developers with ready-to-use, feature-rich components that enhance user experiences, save development time, and offer a high degree of customization. They are an essential tool for building robust and engaging web applications.



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