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These days, the world of software development advances quite quickly. Because of this, developers have to create user interfaces in less time. One of the greatest ways to deal with that issue is by using a UI widget library. A fantastic tool for creating user interfaces is Webix JavaScript UI library. It provides a variety of UI widgets and controls to build complex user interfaces.

What Is a UI Widget Library?

A well-made collection of UI widgets, such as buttons, input fields, dialog boxes, and grids, is known as a UI component library. They serve as the building blocks for layouts. You can arrange these parts in different ways to produce special effects because they are modular. A developer can choose from a variety of building components in a modern UI component library. Let’s explore the components that make up Webix JavaScript UI library as a part of greater design systems.

How Can the UI Widget Library Reduce UI Development Time?

  1. You can spend more time developing new features, since the library already has the standard features.
  2. To present content in a visually appealing way, you can use a UI component library to access a set of web components. In this case, extensive dynamic frameworks might not be necessary.
  3. A UI widget library allows you to test if the functionality you want to add is useful and practical. It is possible whenever you need to present a proof of concept right away. This alone cuts down on development time.
  4. Sometimes, using the widget library, you can quickly pitch high-end ideas.

What Webix JavaScript UI Library Consists Of?

Webix JavaScript UI library advances web development and helps the creation of efficient, data-intensive apps. It includes 102 UI widgets and feature-rich CSS / HTML5 JavaScript controls. All of them can be divided into several categories.

Complex Widgets

High-performance web apps can be created using JavaScript’s complex widgets. These widgets include a wide range of configuration options and can be customized to meet your particular requirements. They can assist you with a number of activities, like making an interactive data report, optimizing a workflow, managing events, handling hierarchical data, and doing calculations in a powerful spreadsheet.

These are some examples, how complex widgets can help you speed up the development and advance Web UI faster.

Kanban JavaScript UI widget

It’s a tool for monitoring work in progress and managing work flow. Your team will be aware of what each member should be working on thanks to this widget. A kanban board can have any number of columns and rows and is quite flexible. Additionally, it is easily customizable using HTML templates.

SpreadSheet JavaScript UI widget

A powerful tool for creating tables and running various operations on their data and appearance. The component has every feature required for practical work with data presented in tabular form. You can modify and format cell content, resize cells, use a variety of styles, fonts, and border types, align text, and combine cells into rows and columns.

Scheduler JavaScript UI widget

Users can create multiple calendars, add one-time or recurring events and rearrange them using drag-and-drop. The display options will make it easier to see every event that is planned for a given day, week or month. Scheduler is customizable, and that allows to create any applications with the calendar functionality based on it.

Data Widgets

UI data widgets by Webix offer a wide range of features for easy data management, including all-in-one data loading, CRUD operations, quick data sorting, on-the-fly filtering, grouping, and styling. The components are all suitable for creating cross-platform applications.

Most popular data widgets include:

  • DataTable
  • DataView
  • GroupList
  • TreeTable
  • Timeline

Visualization Widgets

These widgets allow implementing dynamic data visualization with smooth animation and a number of interactive elements. They can be used in your application to present data in a stylish and understandable manner.

Most popular visualization widgets include:

  • Barcode
  • Chat
  • Excel Viewer
  • Gage
  • RangeChart

Navigation Widgets

Your web app’s design and user interface will be improved by these Webix widgets. With the use of navigation widgets, you may offer users the most intuitive and efficient way of interacting with an app.

Most popular navigation widgets include:

  • ContextMenu
  • Hint
  • Menu
  • Sidebar
  • Toolbar

Layout Widgets

Layouts assist you in arranging your website and defining its overall style. The content can be organized in columns and rows, segmented into groups, and controlled via animation or navigation.

Most popular layout widgets include:

  • Carousel
  • Dashboard
  • Accordion
  • ScrollView
  • MultiView

Control Widgets

Controls are primarily in charge of managing events, due to the fact that they enable user-app interaction by triggering functions attached to them. Keep in mind that by using the widget’s ID, any event can be connected to it.

Most popular control widgets include:

  • Button
  • Checkbox
  • DatePicker
  • Switch
  • Suggest

Why Use Webix UI Library?

You get a beautiful and light-weight object-oriented code by using the Webix JS framework. Create HTML5 online applications with touch screen interfaces for PCs, tablets, and smartphones that work in all popular browsers.

Webix provides highly optimized widgets that show outstanding rendering speed and exceptionally fast scrolling without freezes. Due to paging and dynamic loading, your web applications will operate quickly even with big DataTables, Trees, Lists, etc.

You can modify and customize available components and create new ones with no loss of functionality. Webix UI library is easy to integrate with other JavaScript frameworks and libraries. All backend technologies, in addition to Java, PHP, and.NET solutions, are compatible with our JavaScript UI framework.



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